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Women's Second Spring! In Chinese culture the menopause is called the "second spring," because the end of a woman's childbearing years gives rise to a new phase of life empowered by her accumulated wisdom. It is a new chapter and creation for your life!

Study Shows Acupuncture Reduces Hot Flashes
According to data from The North American Menopause Society, about 75% of women going through menopause experience hot flashes. These episodes can cause great discomfort, lack of sleep and even embarrassment. Most women suffering from these elevations in body temperature turn to hormone replacement therapy, over-the-counter remedies or just tough it out.

Research found that the women who received acupuncture treatments showed significant improvement and therefore concluded that acupuncture should be used as a therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.

The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help regulate hormones, bringing the body into better balance and normalizing temperature. This involves more than just acupuncture. Chinese herbal remedies and nutrition are also important parts of treating hot flashes.

Ask yourself...

Are you experiencing increasingly shorter menstrual cycles?
Are you feeling warmer at times especially during your sleep?
Are you finding your sleep becoming more restless and light?
Are you finding yourself more moody overall without any specific cause?
Are you having increasingly difficult time losing weight?
Are you having increasingly tender and enlarged breasts premenstrually?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have the onset of perimenopausal symptoms. When the symptoms are discovered and treated early, they are much easier to manage. There are many things you can do to improve these symptoms by examining areas of exercise activities, dietary intake, sleep patterns, and regular stress levels. Incorporate a variety of cross training exercises such as passive strengthening, aerobic exercises and meditative exercises. These would include walking, hiking, gentle weight lifting, yoga, Tai Ji Chuan, Qi Gong, jogging, and many other activities.

Our Philosophy

Blissful: a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss.

Wellness: a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well being; constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential; an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing the treatment of disease

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